The Game  

Games are selected depending on whether
we are running Junior or Senior sessions.

Capture the enemy flag
In order to demoralise the enemy your force is tasked to capture the enemy flag which is flying over their base camp. This is not an easy job as the enemy are a tough force and will fight to the last man.

Total Elimination
Your unit for this mission are Special Forces. The briefing is simple. "Total elimination of the enemy" Possible tactics you might think about for this operation is to send in two attack groups supported by a sniper team.

The General
It is vital that you escort your commanding officer to your HQ. Unfortunately the enemy have received intelligence about your operation and have surrounded your base with hostile forces. This mission requires planning and determination. Could be worth shadowing the escort team with a heavily armed support group.

The Military Base
You are briefed to attack a heavily defended military base in order to capture vital intelligence that has to be returned to your own HQ. This is a tough task as you will be up against a determined enemy force.


Combat Laser Tag,